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NEW/ACOUSTIC - Acoustical ceilings

The masters of acoustic comfort

The masters of acoustic comfort

NEW/ACOUSTIC - Acoustical ceilings


Membranes for acoustical ceilings


Membranes for acoustical ceilings

Omnipresent in our daily life, noise can be a source of embarrassment, even discomfort. Acoustic protection then plays an essential role in the spaces where we operate by limiting parasitic echoes and absorbing sound reverberations that are too high. Acoustic protection can truly transform a living space by improving the sound quality of the place, thus facilitating communication.

It is to meet this ever growing need that NEWMAT has created NEW/ACOUSTIC, combining aesthetics with acoustic performance. This system offers exceptional sound absorption thanks to a structure consisting of 25,000 micro-perforations per m2, limiting the reverberation of sounds, for ideal acoustic comfort. Invisible, micro-perforations can be made on all fabrics in the NEWMAT ranges and can be combined with other acoustic insulation, to achieve specific absorptions at precise frequencies.

NEW/ACOUSTIC is the optimal combination between acoustic absorption and mechanical resistance of the fabric. The NRC (noise reduction coefficient) value ranges from 0.5 to 1.0, i.e. a high sound absorption level, which is perfectly suited to the needs of echo reduction.

The results below are valid for the 17 100th membranes, whether they are matt white, satin, lacquered, translucent or in all the colors of the NEW/CLASSIC line.

Double membranes spaced 50 mm on 100 mm plenum, AlphaW = 0.65

RTEmagicC Acoustique Solution 1

100 mm plenum membranes, AlphaW = 0.45

RTEmagicC Acoustique Solution 2

Membrane + 20mm insulation on 100mm plenum, AlphaW = 0.70

RTEmagicC Acoustique Solution 3

Membrane + 40mm Rockwool on 100mm plenum, AlphaW = 0.75

RTEmagicC Acoustique Solution 4

NEW/ACOUSTIC: Acoustic performances

Absorption performance is very interesting in that they have a peak of absorption in the medium frequencies and more particularly in the frequencies generally attributed to the human voice. It is useful to install a stretch ceiling because traditional acoustic absorbents (mineral wool) have poor performance at these frequencies.