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Welcome to NEWMAT

Since 1986, NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling Systems has provided the architectural, design, acoustical, and lighting communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling solutions on the market.

Invented over four decades ago in Sweden as a remedy for damaged plaster ceilings, PVC stretch ceilings became an ideal solution for this particular problem. However, throughout the years, its numerous advantages, along with its aesthetic appeal, have made it a product of choice for unlimited applications.
Today NEWMAT and its network have become the leaders in their industry, offering unequaled standards and services.


NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings and Walls Factory


NEW/ACOUSTIC - Acoustical ceilings
The masters of acoustic comfort
NEW/BIOPRUF - Antibacterial Ceilings
The masters of antibacterial ceilings
NEW/CLASSIC - Classic stretched ceiling
The masters of stretch ceilings
NEW/CLIMACLICK - Air conditioning integrated into walls and ceilings
The masters of thermal comfort
NEW/EASYFIT - Ceiling or wall canvas stretched without harpoon
The masters of stretched canvas without harpoon
NEW/GRAPHIC - Printed Walls and Ceilings
The masters of printed walls and ceilings
NEW/LAMP - Better light diffusion
The masters of lighting design
NEW/LIGHT - Backlit Ceilings or Walls
The masters of luminous ceiling
NEW/LUX3D - 3D Light Effects
The masters of 3D light effects
NEW/MESH - Walls and ceilings mesh
The masters of architectural mesh systems
NEW/MIRODAL - The Masters of Custom Ceiling Panels
The masters of custom ceiling panels
NEW/MIRODAL Acoustical - Custom Acoustical Ceiling Panels
The masters of custom acoustical panels
NEW/MIRODAL Flex LED - Custom Flex LED Ceiling Panels
The masters of custom Flex LED ceiling panels
NEW/MIRODAL Full LED - Custom Full LED Ceiling Panels
The masters of custom Full LED ceiling panels
NEW/MIRODAL Mirror - Custom Mirror Ceiling Panels
The masters of custom mirror ceiling panels
NEW/MIRODAL Translucent
The masters of custom translucent ceiling panels
NEW/PERF - Line for perforated ceilings
The masters of custom perforated membranes
NEW/TEXTIL - Stretch fabric for your walls or ceilings
The masters of stretch fabric walls & ceilings
NEW/SPOT - Self-supporting Lights for your stretch ceiling
Self-supporting Lights for your stretch ceilings
OUR/PROFILES - Available in P.V.C or extruded aluminum.
OUR/PROFILES - Available in P.V.C or extruded aluminum.
Cut to size and welded to fit your wall or ceiling installation


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