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Agence Ribes & Carrafand

Architectes Agence Ribes & Carrafand

Luxury, calm and lustful ... After years of fruitful collaboration, interior architect Amélie Carrafang joined the architecture and design agency Patrick Ribes in 2018 as an associate. Read the PDF
NEWMAT - Stretched fabrics

Stretched membranes sublimate the Val d'Europe

Completely reinvented, the Val d'Europe shopping center in the Paris region bets on high-end aesthetics to attract its customers. Read the PDF
Batinfo 2018

NEWMAT sends itself new challenges

Based in the north of France, NEWMAT was founded in 1987 and has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. 30 years that have allowed it to establish itself among the world leaders in the sector of stretch walls and ceilings. Read the PDF
NEWMAT - Acoustic and decorative ceilings

Acoustic and decorative ceilings

The ceiling is the most extensive free surface in a room and, in fact, participates in the processing of sound reverberation in its capacity to absorb sound waves. Read the PDF
NEWMAT - Val d'Europe suspends its ceiling.

Val d'Europe suspends its ceiling.

The renovation of the Val d'Europe shopping center led to the repair of its ceiling. Acoustic light boxes, custom metal sleepers and structures ... Read the PDF
NEWMAT - The perfect ceiling exists, LTI 59 proves it to you

The perfect ceiling exists, LTI 59 proves it to you

What could be more beautiful than an impeccable ceiling to enhance a room. Since their creation, stretch ceilings have evolved so strongly that they can meet all requirements and tastes. Read the PDF
NEWMAT - An art museum opened to the city

An art museum opened to the city

The Nantes Art Museum, renovated by the British agency Stanton Williams, is more than a renovation. The agency has completely redesigned the neighborhood in order to open art to the public. Read the PDF
NEWMAT - Enhance space with ceilings

Enhance space with ceilings

In the architects' own opinion, the palette available for dressing the ceilings is vast. Read the PDF