NEWMAT factory

NEWMAT: You’re in Expert Hands

Since its creation in 1986, NEWMAT has distinguished itself with its selection of stretch walls and ceilings by integrating high tech products in a variety of well designed product lines. Quick to install, easy to maintain, safe, aesthetic.., NEWMAT is committed to providing the highest quality products for stretch ceilings and walls with all the advantages that these products offer.

A true partner in each of your projects, NEWMAT will work with you from concept to realization and propose multiple systems tailored to your needs. NEWMAT numerous options for colors and finishes, profiles, and suspension systems will give you unlimited choices from which NEWMAT will adapt customized solutions for your specifications.

NEWMAT and its network of installers provide their clients with expert services and have extensive knowledge of the details of each product line, for a result that meets every expectation. With products sold in 70 countries and installations that consistently meet with the approval of architects, lighting designers, and acousticians, NEWMAT is today one of the world leaders of stretch ceiling and wall systems.