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Installation of a NEWMAT stretch ceiling

1=> Direct contact with your certified NEWMAT Dealer-Installer
Contact the dealer-installer of your stretch ceiling directly. A dealer-installer trained and certified by NEWMAT.

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2=> Your personalized stretch ceiling :
Choose your stretched ceiling among more than 200 colors and textures, many options adapted to your needs and desires (acoustic ceilings, luminous, printed with the graphics of your choice, etc.)

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3=> Your ceiling measurements
NEWMAT stretch ceilings are custom-made in our factory, located in Lille, France.


4=> The installation of your ceiling:
The certified NEWMAT dealer-installer first places the profile on your wall or ceiling and then installs your custom made NEWMAT stretch ceiling.

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5=> The installation of your lights
The installation of a stretch ceiling allows you to keep your lights (ceiling lights or wall lights), but also to choose spotlights which you can build into your stretch wall or ceiling for an efficient and subdued interior lighting.

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+ ! Newlight Stretch ceilings allow you to achieve the effect of natural light or to “play” with the light according to your individual needs and wishes.

Maintain your NEWMAT stretch ceiling:

Your NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling is guaranteed for 10 years against seam ruptures. It resists dirt and humidity. You can clean it with a household cleaning agent or with the specially formulated NEWMAT cleaning products.

Your NEWMAT stretch ceiling can be installed and removed easily


An expert, easy and clean installation, for a perfect and long-lasting result.


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The acoustical solution for your ceilings

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