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Acoustic stretch ceiling



NEWACOUSTIC: The stretch ceiling for your acoustic comfort


NEWMAT Patented

Almost all Newmat stretch ceiling membranes can be treated acoustically (microperforation).

250 000 micro perforations / sqm

It provides the best ratio between sound absorption and mechanical strength of the membrane.

Double NEWACOUSTIC membrane, AlphaW = 0.65 & NRC = 0.55

Solution N°1


Acoustic membrane only with a 100mm high plenum, AlphaW = 0.45 & NRC 0.45

Solution N°2



Acoustic membrane + 20mm thick acoustic liner with a 100mm high plenum, AlphaW = 0.70 & NRC 0.70

Solution n°3



Acoustic membrane + 40mm thick acoustic liner with a 100mm high plenum, AlphaW = 0.75 & NRC 0.90

Solution n°4


The absorption performance is really interesting as excellent results are achieved with low frequencies around 500 Hz. Installing a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution, since traditional acoustic absorbents (mineral wool) perform rather poorly at these frequencies.


NEWACOUSTIC product line


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