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Newlight Product Line

Luminous stretch ceilings

The NEWLIGHT Stretch Ceiling in translucent finish allows you to play with lighting. The NEWLIGHT ceiling serves at the same time a practical and an aesthetic purpose: it is decorative, and diffuses the light.

The ceiling makes your space clean and luminous, allowing designs limited only by your imagination.


These are translucent membranes in various colors and transparencies that are meant to be backlit by any light source you choose. Combining any two membranes and using different light sources allows for unlimited lighting solutions. The diffusing ability of the Newmat membranes is unmatched by that of any other product.
For all Newmat Light ceilings we strongly recommend the use of our double-layer system. The upper layer’s main function is to be a dust barrier and insure the longevity of the aesthetic of the visible layer. The upper layer can be a clear membrane or a translucent membrane as well.

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