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NEW/MIRODAL : The Masters of the Custom Panel

The NEW/MIRODAL line dresses up ceilings with free-floating panels that structure the space. Composed of an aluminum structure covered with a NEWMAT membrane, these panels are available with a large variety of suspension systems and in numerous forms and sizes for a perfectly personalized result. NEW/MIRODAL can be used for a backlit application, with a NEW/LIGHT translucent membrane and an aluminum structure powder-coated whitefor maximum light reflection.

The free-floating panels can play various roles in a space, providing a modern, elegant look: Sometimes they enhance the interior architecture, defining certain spaces or acting as a skylight. Allowing you to play with the forms and materials, NEW/MIRODAL is the ideal solution if you are searching for a stretch ceiling to provide either a traditional look or a bolder one. Custom prefabricated, NEW/MIRODAL panels are recyclable.