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NEW/LIGHT : The Masters of Luminous Ceilings

Each environment has its own ambiance; therefore, the lighting should be tailored to reveal all the potential of the space and allow the users to live in it serenely. The interior lighting is essential; it should be adapted not only to the configuration of the space but also to the ambiance that one wishes to create. A museum, a waiting room, or a home kitchen cannot all be lit the same way; classic lighting systems show their limitations by offering few choices or creative possibilities.

Both a design solution and an innovative one, NEW/LIGHT is a line of stretch ceilings and walls composed of translucent membranes that can be backlit by the light source of your choice. These luminous ceilings offer the advantage of providing homogeneous and soft custom lighting, fully adapted to the space. Available in different colors, NEW/LGHT allows the combination of several membranes and several light sources for a remarkable result. NEW/LIGHT can be used with natural or artificial light and can be installed in one or two layers for a better diffusion of light. The second layer will serve as a dust and dirt barrier. NEW/LIGHT can also be used with a NEW/PERF membrane.

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