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(Français) New Biopruf

NEW/BIOPRUF : The Masters of the Anti-microbial Ceiling

Medical and chemical environments require adapted interior structures, which must be completelyhygienic in order to severely limit risks of infection. NEWMAT’s NEW/BIOPRUF product line is effective in improving the hygienic conditions of these at-risk spaces, offering a durable and aesthetic solution: the treatment of its ceilings and walls with Bio-Pruf.

Embedded into the PVC of the ceilings and walls, Bio-Pruf is a strong anti-germ, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and self-deodorizing treatment that permanently diffuses its active agents. The NEW/BIOPRUF line is a permanent solution, durable and safe. At NEWMAT, technical characteristics are always perfectly compatible with the design; 12 colors are available for the NEW/BIOPRUF membranes.

This product is available in the following colors :



S601 BIO

S602 BIO

S604 BIO

S605 BIO

S607 BIO

S608 BIO

S609 BIO

S610 BIO

S612 BIO

S614 BIO