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NEW/ACOUSTIC : The Masters of Acoustic Comfort

Ever present inour daily lives, noise can be a source of annoyance, even illness. Acoustical protection therefore plays an essential role in our comfort,mitigating irritating echoes and absorbing very loud sound reverberations. Acoustical protection can truly transform a living space by improving the sound quality, thus facilitating communication.

It’s with this ever-increasing need in mind that NEWMAT created the NEW/ACOUSTIC line, taking into consideration both aesthetics and acoustical performance. This system offers exceptional sound absorption thanks to a membrane containing 25,000 micro-perforations per square meter that limit sound reverberations, thus providing ideal acoustic comfort. Invisible, the micro-perforations can be made on any NEWMAT product line and can be used with other types of acoustical insulation to obtain specific absorption levels at precise frequencies.

NEW/ACOUSTIC is the optimal combination of acoustical absorption and strength resistance of the membrane. The NRC value (coefficient of noise reduction) goes from 0.5 to 1.0, a high level of sound absorption perfectly suitedto the needs of echo reduction.

The results below are valid for membranes of 17/100, whether they are white matte, satin, lacquer, translucent or any of the colors of the NEW/CLASSIC line.

Double layers spaced 50 mm apart with a 100 mm plenum = 0.65 AW

Membrane with a 100 mm = 0.45 AW

Membrane + a 20 mm acoustical blanket with a 100 mm plenum = 0.70 AW

Membrane + 40 mm of Rockwool with a 100 mm plenum = 0.75 AW

NEWMAT Stretch Acoustical Ceiling
Stretch Ceiling / Acoustical Ceiling
The absorption performances are very interesting in that they present a peak of high absorption at a low frequency, around 500 Hz. It is useful to install a stretch ceiling since the traditional acoustical insulation (mineral wool) has mediocre performance at these frequencies.