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Installation of a NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling

Here are a few video clips showing NEWMAT installations

Installation of a stretch ceiling for Courchel

Installation of a stretch ceiling for Gaumont

Installation of a stretch ceiling for Pasteur

First step: Meeting with your local NEWMAT licensed installer

Direct contact with an installer for your stretch ceiling. The installer must be trained and licensed by NEWMAT.

To find your local NEWMAT installer, you can look in the “Master Installer” search engine or contact us using this questionnaire.

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Second step: Case study of your customized project

Choose your stretch ceiling from more than 200 colors and finishes. We have many options to fit your needs and wishes: ceilings that can be acoustical, luminous, printed from your own images or our image database, etc…

Third step: Measuring for your stretch ceiling

NEWMAT stretch ceilings are custom fabricated with great care, based on the exact dimensions of your space, in our facility near Lille, France.

Fourth step: Installation of your stretch ceiling

The NEWMAT licensed installer will first install the perimeter profiles that you have chosen, then stretch your NEWMAT ceiling into the profiles by inserting its harpoon into the profiles.

Fifth step: Installation of your lighting fixtures onto your ceiling

Installing a NEWMAT stretch ceiling allows you not only to keep and reuse your lighting fixtures (spots, chandeliers, etc.) but also to add recessed spots and lights for discreet and efficient lighting in the room.

+ ! NEW/LIGHT stretch ceilings will allow you, through backlighting, to obtain a perfectly diffused and consistent luminosity of a natural lighting effect or to play with artificial lighting to create the ambiance that suits your needs.

Maintenance of your NEWMAT stretch ceiling :

Your NEWMAT stretch ceiling is warrantied for 10 years against seam failures. It is not affected by heat, humidity, or chlorine fumes and resists shock and motion… It can be cleaned with regular household cleaning products or the NEWMAT cleaning solutions. See our catalogues.

Your NEWMAT stretch ceiling is removable for all accessibility needs.

Afast and professional installation, with no mess, for a perfect and durable result.