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The NEWMAT stretch ceiling is composed of 3 elements:

-The rail which is fixed onto the wall or ceiling

-The harpoon which is welded onto the edge of the membrane

-The membrane assembled by high frequency welding and manufactured to your custom measurements.

Most of our membranes are fire-rated BS2D0.  They are considered non-flammable.


With the PVC stretch ceiling system (100% recyclable) you can achieve flat panels or 3 dimensional ceiling elements.

Thanks to an easy and fast installation, its sturdiness (10-year guarantee), an impeccable finish, endless possibility to customize and accordance with all European and worldwide standards, the NEWMAT stretch ceiling has become THE solution for all types of places: public or residential.

NEWMAT stretch ceiling, the system that combines design, movement and high quality, lets you express your creativity.  This system has already been adopted in over 55 countries.

We work with: Norman Foster, Gensler & Eight, Inc. or Herzog & De Meuron.

Please have a look at some of the results achieved with our products here:



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